A steaming cup of coffee or a glass of good wine at KÖÖK before you get down to ‘work’. A meeting sat at a big table will hardly seem like it, because the atmosphere will inspire you and energise the grey matter.
Pen and paper are replaced with knife and whisk as you begin to discover the world of senses in the kitchen.


Or perhaps you would rather find out more about the fascinating world of wines, tea or coffee? Or indeed chocolate-making?
After a couple of hours’ work you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Who baked this bread? It’s fantastic! Who cooked this meat? It’s perfect! And this fish is so juicy… and who made this outstanding sauce?


Was it you, though you thought you never had it in you? This is just an example of the kind of event we can organise for you. In addition to cooking courses we take bookings for private breakfasts, lunches and dinners, wine tastings and much more.

Just complete the details by contacting us and we’ll create the kind of menu that is not only best-suited to your taste, but surpasses it!