After just a couple of hours’ work you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Who baked this bread? It’s fantastic! Who cooked this meat? It’s perfect! And this fish is so juicy… and who made this out-standing sauce? Was it you, though you thought you never had it in you?

Tim Bramich

Resident Chef of Köök

Karol Pawlik

Guest Chef of Köök

Ellery Powell

Guest Chef of Köök

All menus are priced per per­son:
Coo­king class & din­ner 95 eur (1,5 or 3 hour hands on coo­king super­vi­sed by the chef & din­ner after the work­shop). Price inc­lu­des welco­ming drink, snacks on arrival, water, cof­fee, tea and room hire for 5 hours.
Chef´s Table Din­ner 70 eur (30 minute coo­king pre­sen­ta­tion from the chef & din­ner). Price inc­lu­des welco­ming glass of Pro­secco, water, cof­fee, tea and room hire for 5 hours.
Groups par­ta­king in Chefs Table lunch that fin­ish by 16.30 are priced at 50 eur per per­son.
2-course Chef´s Table lunch 35 eur per person.

The prices do not inc­lude wines.

It is pos­si­ble to order pri­vate din­ners and cook­ing classes for groups of less than 7 peo­ple con­sid­er­ing the min­i­mum bud­get for a pri­vate event is 350 eur for groups end­ing before 16:30, and 550 eur (in novem­ber and decem­ber 800 eur) for groups com­menc­ing after 17:00.