• Party food for 17 to 40 peo­ple. 10 to 16 people we can arrange price and menu to suit the occasion
  • Menu is served as a buf­fet.
  • Con­tact Köök to dis­cuss the menus.
  • The chef will pre­pare the dessert in front of your eyes.
  • Price is 45 eur per person/ min­i­mum price 550 eur. Wine is not included in the price.
  • Price includes room hire for 5 hours, wel­come snack, wel­come drink, water, tea and cof­fee.

1. Meditteranean / International

Pumpkin-ginger soup

Appetizers & Salads:
Bulgur, apricot, lemon, almond salad
Raw fennel salad
Ruccola, mozzarella, basil, capers, sundried tomato salad
Duck Rillette/ fig compote
Tiger Prawns & Chorizo
Olives/ Hummus/ Crostini

Main course: Herb crusted salmon/ Salsa verde/ Baked ratatouille/ Sweet potato

Dessert (one choice):
Lemon Tart/ Berry dust/ Raspberry marscapone
Limoncello panna cotta/ Candied Fennel/ Mint
Tim’s flourless chocolate mousse cake

2. Traditional/ Northern European

Creamy beetroot goat cheese soup

Appetizers & Salads:
Traditional potato salad (Vegetarian)
Beetroot & blue cheese salad
Mixed salad
Pan seared Mackerel/ Rhubarb & ginger chutney
Herring caviar/ Keefir pancakes/ Sour cream/ Chives
Serano ham/ Melon
Smoked elk sausage/ Berry jam

Main course (one choice):
Slow roasted pork belly/ Crispy crackling/ Roasted new potatoes/ Cauliflower puree/ Beet crisps/ Red wine jus
British style braised lamb shank/ Parsnip puree/ Red cabbage/ Red wine jus

Dessert (one choice):
Cheesecake with white chocolate and blueberries
Espresso chocolate mousse/ Orange cream
Tim’s flourless chocolate cake

* We can arrange extra courses for the large groups. For exam­ple cock­tail pack­ages and even wine, beer or tea tastings.

Wines available from 22 eur /per bottle, beer from 4 eur /0,33l, strong alcohol from 4 eur/4cl. Strong alcohol bottle prices can be negotiated.

15 eur per 75 cl wine bot­tles
15 eur per 50cl strong alco­hol
20 eur per person