Tea is much more than stick­ing a teabag in a cup!

More peo­ple drink tea than any other bev­er­age on the planet, except for water. Wow. So why has tea in our soci­ety not found its right­ful place as a respected aspect of culi­nary life, along­side wine?
Most of us have grown up with very poor qual­ity tea, thanks to teabags which come out of lit­tle yel­low boxes, and we tend to pay lit­tle atten­tion to it. When faced with a poor selec­tion, who could know about the rich world of flavours await­ing you?

The almost 5000-year his­tory of tea as mankind’s best friend is end­lessly fas­ci­nat­ing. It blends cul­ture, reli­gion, med­i­cine, pol­i­tics and health; human­ity in a cup! Now, as more peo­ple want to increase their energy lev­els while reduc­ing stress, tea has reap­peared on the world’s culi­nary hori­zon pro­vid­ing an answer, a very deli­cious answer.

Steve’s work­shops will help uncover another world which lays wait­ing no fur­ther than our own kitchen, one that offers a refreshed, healthy feel­ing every day – and a sense of inner calm.
Choose between a vari­ety of work­shops which will unlock some of tea’s hid­den secrets – from mini-workshops along­side your favourite cook­ing course to in-depth work­shops and tea cer­e­monies. Steve’s tea work­shops are fun, infor­ma­tive and inter­ac­tive with the goal of giv­ing you the tools you need to start mak­ing tea a way of life.

If you have any special, tea-related requests, Steve will be happy to fulfill them, otherwise, Steve’s tea course will reveal some of the mystery and romance about our planet’s favourite drink.
1,5– hour tea course Monday to Friday 150 eur.
3-hour (1,5 h + 1,5 h) tea course Saturday to Sunday 200 eur.

1,5– hour tea course Saturday to Sunday 200 eur.
3-hour (1,5 h + 1,5 h) tea course Monday to Friday 250 eur.

Prices are for groups maximum 24 people. Tea is included in the price.


I have been in love with tea since his child­hood in Mon­treal, Canada, but with great teas only in the last ten years. I now live and breathe tea as a way of life and as a per­sonal pas­sion.
My com­pany First­Flush sup­plies many of Estonia’s top restau­rants and hotels with first-rate teas. I’m a stu­dent of life and liv­ing, and so I love to share my knowl­edge with oth­ers in order to con­tinue learn­ing in the process!